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Monday, July 11, 2011

Would a sense of humor kill ya??? Math 1510

  Since when was school suppose to be all work and no fun. If you ask any student who there favorite teacher was as a student, they will most likely say a teacher who at some point or another made them laugh. I remember as a high school student taking Chemistry with a teacher that always started the day off with a joke. It was a great attention grabber and got the whole class to listen. Although the joke usually made the whole class laugh, the teacher was able to transition the class into the daily lesson plan.
     I think the problem with why many students are not enjoying math these days, is because humor has been completely taken out. I sometimes feel that math teachers already feel that their subject is a little on the dry side and hard for students, so they don't bother to spice the class up a bit. The comic strip on this page is one that I created and would use at the beginning of a porportion lesson. It is a great attention grabber and gets the students thinking about what proportion is by looking at the comic.
    Using simple comics, jokes, or riddles at the beginning of class each day, might just be the key in getting students to cooperate in class. Also, humor can be a great stress reliever for students. Think about the students who have low self esteem or who get picked on constantly. Having a class that will make them laugh each day is something that they could look forward to. The link posted below elaborates on some ideas why they think humor is important in the classroom.

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